Explore Links Below for Animation Content!

  • If you're interested in learning more about animation, getting involved, or discovering new media and approaches then check out some of the resources posted below.


    Interested in Leveling up Your Film and Visual Storytelling Abilities?

    Check our Every Frame a Painting on YouTube for superb explanations on film language and shot composition. This is a must watch channel if you're considering a position in the animation industry.


    BRIC Foundation

    If you're interested in action and inclusion, try to get involved with the BRIC Foundation.  This groups was founded to create new access points for women and people of underrepresented groups to excell at creative leadership. This group pushes the needle and is forging a new path in the industry.


    Lightbox Expo

    This is a huge meeting of visual artists from all professional groups. If you want to network, see demonstrations, get porfolio reviews, or network with the larger profession visual arts community, this is the place to be!


    ToonBoom Animation Twitch Stream 

    The primary software in the Clark lab is Harmony and Storyboard Pro. Make sure to check out this channel for all things ToonBoom.


    Women in Animation

    WIA is an amazing organization dedicated to advancing women in the field of animation. This site is an amazing resource!


    Animation News - Cartoon Brew

    Checkout Cartoon Brew for updated articles in animation. I'd recommend checking this site once a week so you are aware of what's going on in the animation industry.


    Animation from Every Angle

    Here's a fantastic resource on articles in the animation industry made by the folks at ToonBoom. 


    Interested in Working in Animation?

    Check out the Animation Guild site if you're insterested in pursuing a career in animation. They have a ton of relevant resources related to training, pay, retirement, and network building. 


    Studio Ghibli Works

    This site has a number of high quality wall paper images of scenes from Studio Ghibli films. Make sure to view while on Chrome and use the translate function so you can navigate to images from your favorite Ghibli films.


    Nick Artist Program

    If you're intersted in getting into the animation industry, check out the Nick Artist and Intern program. There are annual opportunities to get involved. It's also a good use of time to see what the requirements are in order to determine the baseline skills needed to be relevant in the industry?


    Walk Cycles in Animation

    Here's an amazing resource by the School of Motion about walk cycles. I'd recommend watching each post carefully and building motion tests that emulate aspects from each resource.


    ToonBoom Walk Cycle Module

    Check out this article and playlist of learning activities for animating walk cycles in ToonBoom Harmony.



    Are you intersted in building a sound effects library? Then check out FreeSound. You'll need to set up an account however there are tons of amazing audio tracks to use in your animations. One other thing to note is that this site is blocked by the school firewall, so you will need to construct your library at home and save do your Google Drive account.


    Need Story Ideas?

    Check out this quick plot generator. Click the button, write down the generated plot, thumbnail, storyboard, and keep going. This is an excellent resource to use when you're lacking inspiration.