Want to be a better artist?

  • If you want to be a better artist, then spend more time marking art. That’s it--no gimmicks. Just draw more. Draw everyday. You don’t need a $900 iPad to be a great artist. You just need to practice using materials you have available.


    Words of Wisdom

    • Commit 5 minutes each day to draw something and marvel at your improvement a year from now.
    • The only person you are competing against is yourself from yesterday.
    • Fail quickly, and frequently.
    • Forget about the likes. Just create art that you love. 
    • Use your culture and life experience to inform your art.
    • Learn how to tell a story.
    • Think of your artistic journey as a marathon. 
    • Use both ends of the pencil.
    • There are no rules, just tools.


    FREE Art Instruction @ CTRL Paint

    The best resource that I know of is CTRL Paint. I have used it frequently and have recommended it a hundred times. It's free; the videos are short and palatable; and the curriculum is organized brilliantly. The free videos are organized in a smart progression that will teach you the fundamentals of drawing, painting, observation, and principles of art creation. I have always advised emerging artists to engage in deliberate practice over an extended period of time. If you follow along with this playlist of videos, adapting it to draw stuff that you think is cool, I am certain you will greatly improve your ability to draw and paint in less than a year.

    CTRL Paint Free Video Library

    CTRL Paint Recommended Use 

    1. Start with the Traditional Drawing section and watch the first video.
    2. Rewatch the video and try to the assignment.
    3. Draw something that you like, unrelated to the image illustrated in the video, while using the concepts from the video. 
    4. Repeat this process for the rest of the videos in that section.
    5. Once you get to the end of the section, share the images with friends and ask for feedback.
    6. Use that feedback and apply all feedback, and the concepts from that section, to a completely original illustration.

    BONUS - If you can get 4-5 friends together to work through the playlists, you can help each other out during discussions and critique your work.