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    Diversity & Inclusion Book Wish List



    Dear Glenoaks Families,


    Books are both windows and mirrors. They are mirrors for students who yearn to read stories about children like themselves; where they can see their own lives reflected on a page. Books are also windows for children who yearn to break free from their own lives and explore the worlds, imaginations and lives of characters who are completely different from themselves.


    As we strive to ensure that our library is filled with books where EVERY student, no matter who they are, can find stories they can both relate to and explore with new wonder, we know that we have much work to do! Representation and exposure to diverse stories helps build confidence and self-affirmation as well as empathy for others. We want our book collection to be more reflective of the diverse and culturally-rich communities that make up the fabric of our school. We hope you will help us in this effort by choosing a book from our wish list that sparks recognition, excitement and curiousity in your own children. 


    Thank you in advance for helping us make our library a more inclusive space where EVERY student feels seen, heard and welcome. This list grows and changes often, so please check back again!




    Linda Guzik

    Librarian, Glenoaks Elementary School


    *Please note all book purchases must be hardcover.  All books can be shipped directly to the school or dropped off in the front office. If you are making a purchase, please email me so I can keep the wish list updated. Families will be recognized inside the book with a custom bookplate noting your donation. Thank you! 


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Last Modified on September 8, 2021