Franklin PTA Sponsored and Hosted District Student Assembly
    "Diversity Designed by Adversity" with Vanessa Brantley-Newton
    Event made possible by National PTA COVID-19 Relief Grant for Mental Health/Social Emotional Support.
    Funding made possible by Mathnasium, a PTA Proud National Sponsor.
    Watch Below!

  • Vanessa Brantley-Newton


    The award-winning author/illustrator of children’s books will be speaking on "Diversity Designed by Adversity" and leading an art session that will help students celebrate all the unique qualities that make them special and feel empowered to find their voices and express who they are and what makes them happy.

    Visit Vanessa's website

  • Materials

    Needed: Paper and Pencil


    If you've got it, bring it...

    • All kinds of scrap paper, newspapers, envelopes, colored tissue paper, magazines, gift wrap, used coloring sheets and note pages

    • A few clean white sheets of paper and colored paper (brown, black, pink, tan, beige, ivory)

    • Crayons, magic markers, colored pens, colored pencils, glitter

    • Scissors and glue
  • Black History MonthFrom a Franklin parent after the last school assembly in November with Vanessa: 

    The assembly today was awesome! Thank you for bringing this experience to all of our students during the school day. I loved that it was directly dealing with racist imagery, social justice and representation in a way that was accessible for my 1st grader. The artist/presenter was so wonderful. I appreciate that there was a hands on project to do - my daughter enjoyed it!