COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccine Informational Session with LACDPH

Questions from Community Members Anwsered

  • Why should I give my child a flu shot or COVID-19 vaccination?

  • I've heard that natural immunity protects as well as vaccines but may increase the risk of adverse vaccine reactions, is there some truth to this?

  • If natural immunity is acknowledged as equal to or better than vaccination when it comes to other diseases/illnesses, why is that not the case with covid?

  • What study can you cite that says the vaccine is better than natural immunity?

  • New data from lancet says vaccinated and unvaccinated spread at the same rate. Can you show the data supporting that it prevents and lessens transmission?

  • Is this the first widely used mRNA vaccine used for kids?

  • Does a child (5-11) have to get the vaccine again (adult dose) after 12 years of age?

  • I've heard the change in the 5-11 year old's formula is to use Tromthamine and rumors are that this medicine can create issues if folks have other medical issues (kidneys etc). Is this a concern?

  • What is the death rate within the trials?

  • What about long term studies about the vaccine impact on children?

  • How can this COVID-19 vaccination be safe with no long term studies have been completed?

  • Where are you getting your data of low vaccine reactions?

  • Given the small size sample and the possible inability to detect some of the heart conditions that affected those over 12. At what size sample .data did we start seeing those and are there any underlying conditions linked to these cases or kids were healthy

  • Did the children’s trial formula use a vaccine based on the delta variant or on the original strain similar to adult vaccine?