Transitional Kinder Enrollment Forms and Procedures

  • Please read carefully to know where to start your enrollment direction.



    If you live outside of Glendale but you do NOT have an approved permit, STOP! You may not register until your permit is approved. If you have an approved permit and/or FLAG/Magnet offer please keep reading.



    All Glendale residents and students with an approved permit please follow the instructions below to enroll your child:


    1. Print and complete an enrollment packet for your student.  English packet is a fillable PDF if you prefer to download and save. You may also pick up printed copies of the enrollment packet from your school of residence. Please call ahead before going to the school.


    Enrollment Packet in English

    Enrollment Packet in Armenian

    Enrollment Packet in Spanish  

    Enrollment Packet in Korean


    2. Complete online pre-enrollment. Please have the following required documents ready to present to the school. They are all mandatory and registration will not be completed until we have all documents, in their entirety, submitted and verified by GUSD. 




    Completed Enrollment Packet


    Legal proof of Age: Accepted forms of documents include: birth certificate, passport, baptismal certificate


    Proof of Residency (MUST SUBMIT TWO):

    1. Current and original utility bill which is no more than two months old. If you are providing two utility bills they must be from two separate utility companies. We accept bills ONLY from Water/Power, Gas, Cable, Landline and Internet companies.

    2. Escrow papers showing closing date

    3. Rental agreement

    4. Most current property tax payment receipt

    5. Most recent pay stub

    6. Current voter registration receipt

    7. Communication from a government agency dated no more than three months ago.

    8. If you are currently living with another party and do not have two of the items listed above, please complete the Parent Living With Under Party form listed below and provide the required documents. Please know this form must be updated annually.  Parent Living With Another Party Form:       English     Armenian     Spanish    Korean


    Immunizations: We must receive a copy of your child's immunization records. Please see enrollment packet for required immunizations. If your child does not have all the required immunizations at the time of enrollment, he or she will be "conditionally" enrolled but proof of all missing immunizations will be required before the start of the 20-21 school year. 


    Picture ID of Parent or Guardian enrolling the student: driver’s license or passport




    ● If there are any court orders or legal bindings pertaining to the child, please provide a copy of the stamped order signed by a judge.


    ● If your child has an IEP with another district, a copy of his or her latest IEP.


    3. Send an email to the school of your residence and let our school staff know you have completed the pre-enrollment, have all your documents and are ready to set up an appointment. 




    • Balboa Elementary:

    • Cerritos Elementary:

    • College View School:

    • Columbus Elementary:

    • Dunsmore Elementary:

    • Edison Elementary: (Lottery Placement Only)

    • Franklin Elementary: (Lottery Placement Only)

    • Fremont Elementary:

    • Glenoaks Elementary:

    • Jefferson (Thomas) Elementary:

    • Keppel (Mark) Elementary: (Lottery Placement Only)

    • La Crescenta Elementary:

    • Lincoln Elementary:

    • Mann (Horace) Elementary:

    • Marshall (John) Elementary:

    • Monte Vista Elementry:

    • Mountain Avenue Elementary:

    • Muir (John) Elementary:

    • Richrdson D. White Elementary:

    • Valley View Elementary:

    • Verdugo Woodlands Elementary:


    Because not all sites offer TK, after enrollment is complete we will contact you with the school your child is assigned to.

    TK site locations can be found at:


    **Transitional Kindergarten is the first year of a two-year kindergarten program and is offered at many but not all sites throughout the district. Your child will be enrolled at the closest available Transitional Kindergarten site to his/her school of residence. The ratio of students-to-teacher will mirror that of the Kindergarten classes. Schools may reach capacity in Transitional Kindergarten throughout the year -- this is referred to as, “capping.” When capping occurs in Transitional Kindergarten and a new student attempts to enroll, the new student will be placed in another Transitional Kindergarten site where space is available. Students who attend Transitional Kindergarten at one of the designated sites will return to their school of residence for Kindergarten.**