• Hear from our Dual Language Immersion program parents:


    “The possibility of a full immersion target language experience was very enticing to me and my husband. I think it is such a gift to learn a second language at a young age. It can open so many doors” – Parent


    “I am from Italy and I wanted to make sure my child became biliterate, not just bilingual.” – Parent


    “His teachers have been easy to talk to and give tips and advice on how to support him at home when we ask. We only speak English at home. Now in 4th grade, he can read short novels with his class and carry on everyday conversations with native speakers. He said this week, "my kindergarten teacher did all the hard work! I didn't know anything back then!" – Parent


    “His ability to interact with people and express his thoughts and opinions in a second language at this stage of his elementary school journey going into upper grades is leaps and bounds where my second language skills were because of the immersion aspect. It was not easy for a non-Italian speaker to come into the program and 'sink or swim', but the support of the other students and teachers was invaluable! He really has blossomed.” – Parent


    “I am so proud that my daughter is not only learning and becoming fluent in another language in both reading and writing, but she is also learning about another culture, which is priceless. It is such an important tool to have as one grows, and will certainly open many doors for her but more importantly, shape her as a more open-minded, respectful person.” – Parent


    “I recommend all the parents to continue with the Immersion program. In order to become fluent in a language and completely bilingual, you need to learn it also as an adult, not just as a child.” – Parent