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  • A Message from the Pink Panther Core Teachers 


       February 2021


    Dear Pink Panther Parents,


    We hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. Our students’ five-week progress reports will be available in Q-Parent Portal sometime this week.


    For this first progress report, teachers usually give "bad news only," which means that grades are only given to students who are getting D’s, F’s, N’s, or U’s. However, the Pink Panther Core teachers usually give grades to all the students. This is a matter of teacher preference and is not an indication of anything being wrong with your children's progress.


    However, this year Mrs. Pakradouni was unable to do all the grades as she usually does because she fell down in her home on January 30th, and she was injured such that it made it very difficult to work on the computer or sit in a chair for extended periods of time. As such, she posted the “bad news only” grades with her apologies.  You can still view student grade percentages in Q-Portal under the "Assignments" tab.  The Progress Report is found in the "Marks" tab in both Parent and Student Portals.


    Since it is the first progress report, and your children have only gotten a few grades, the grades may be overly inflated or deflated. If your children missed one assignment worth many points, then their grades can even go down to a D or an F. Please know that they will have plenty of time to improve their grades, so encourage them to do all their assignments thoroughly and turn them in on time.  Please also remind them to never turn in an assignment without actually completing it.


    In our core, we give our students every chance to turn in their assignments as we do not want them to ever give up on themselves. They can turn in any late work for some credit from now until Friday, March 5, 2021, just before the 3rd quarter progress report grades are due.


    Pink Panther teacher office hours are available to all our students on Mondays and Fridays from 2:30-3:30 pm using the Core GC link.  They can see all their core teachers on Mondays, and they can see Mrs. Pakradouni again for English support on Fridays. 


    In addition to teacher office hours, students can attend our school’s tutoring services, which can be accessed from the Toll website on the Counseling web page: 20-21 Distance Learning Tutoring Options


    Parents can also meet with Mr. Shih, Mr. Panikowski, and Mrs. Pakradouni on Wednesday mornings from 8:00 am – 8:45 am by appointment.  Parents can email any one of the Pink Panther core teachers and ask for an appointment.


    The Pink Panther Core teachers work as a caring, supportive team to ensure student success. We want our students to have a successful 7th grade year and learn as much as they can in order to continue to be successful in 8th grade and beyond.  Middle school is only the beginning of a student’s educational journey.  If we set a strong foundation now, our students will be able to navigate their academic paths more successfully. We must all work together: parents, teachers, and students, to ensure the best learning situation for our students. 


    Check back here often for news and up-to-date information regarding the Pink Panther Core. This webpage is updated at least every five weeks.  Click on the "Pink Panther Protocols" link below for more information on student expectations.


    Pink Panther Protocols


    We look forward to seeing our students succeed in 7th grade, and we know that our continued communication and teamwork with parents is the best way to accomplish that goal.  Thank you for your involvement and support. 



    The Pink Panther Core Teachers

    Ms. Anni Pakradouni (English)

    Mr. Michael Panikowski (History)

    Mr. Curtis Shih (Science)