• English Learner Advantage


    Being a multilingual learner in 2020 is an advantage to a child in many ways. The goal of both the State of California and the Glendale Unified School District is to help your child fully realize this advantage.


    Our District takes pride in our multilingual students, and wishes to celebrate their proficiency in English and in their native language. Students coming to Glendale Unified School District speaking another language will have the benefit of improving their English language skills while simultaneously honoring their home language and culture. We hope your child will not only become proficient in English, but also take advantage of the many opportunities available in Glendale Unified School District to maintain, refine, and demonstrate their native language proficiency. We look forward to recognizing your child as a senior with one or more of the State and District Bilingual Awards, once they meet the requirements at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is a student determined to be an English Learner?

  • Why is my child in ELD (English Language Development)?

  • What is Designated English Language Development Instruction?

  • How does my student meet reclassification requirements?

  • How will my English Learner be supported during Distance Learning?