Working Group to Ensure Culturally Relevant and Responsive Education

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    In 2019, Glendale Unified School District convened a working group, made up of students, teachers, school and district administrators and staff, parents/guardians, and community members, focused on providing culturally relevant and responsive education for all students. The CREE Working Group included multiple committees focused on five key areas:


    1. Eliminating bias in curricula and educational materials

    2. Actively recruiting a more diverse workforce and providing professional development to ensure culturally competent, anti-biased leadership

    3. Analyzing student discipline data and continuing the use of Restorative Practices to build community, strengthen school culture, and repair relationships

    4. Engaging students and families to proactively develop inclusive school communities

    5. Connecting with community partners to support this work and provide culturally relevant educational opportunities for students

    Check out the Committee Presentation