• Go Zen

    Go Zen! is a social and emotional learning program for kids ages 5-15, parents, professionals, and schools.  Their mission is to give kids skills to transform stress, anxiety, worry, anger, perfectionism, negativity, and social worry into power.  They do this by helping kids transform their feelings into confidence, courage, and resilience.  This is done through short powerful videos and corresponding activities that engage kids in the process of transformation.



    Leader In Me  Leader in Me is an evidence-based, comprehensive school improvement model that empowers students with the leadership and life skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.  It is based on a theory of change known as the See-Do-Get Cycle.  When you change the way you SEE things, it influences what you DO and the results you GET.  The 5 core paradigms of Leader in Me:

    • Everyone can be a leader
    • Everyone has genius
    • Change starts with me
    • Educators empower students to lead their own learning
    • Develop the whole person



    • Chromebook supplied by Toll
    • Lined paper for occasional note-taking
    • pencils/pens
    • crayons or colored pencils



    All assignments will be posted and turned in on Google Classroom.



    90-100% - A

    80-89% - B

    70-79% - C

    56-69% - D

    55%  and below - F

    Students and parents have access to my grade book through Student Portal and Parent Portal.  Please keep an eye on grades and missing work so that there are no surprises when you receive Progress Reports and Report Cards.



    Students are expected to attend all class Zoom meetings.  Links will be posted on Google Classroom each day.  Students need to log in using their Toll Chromebook so that their presence and attendance can be verified.  On regular days, classes are 80 minutes.  On the Wednesdays that have been designated as minimum days, classes are 50 minutes.   I do not anticipate holding students for the entire allotted time.  We will work together until such a time as students have shown they are ready to take their instruction and proceed to working individually on their assignments.



    • Attend and participate in all Zoom meetings
    • Complete all assignments given on Google Classroom
    • Be respectful of everyone in Zoom meetings 
    • Arrive on time to Zoom meetings
    • Ask for help when confused