• Frequently Asked Questions About The New School Year



    1. How do I access Parent Connect?

    Go to parent.gusd.net. Click on need your log-in information? Enter your email address and then be sent log-in information. If you have difficulties, please call our office at 818-244-8145.


    1. What do I need to do on Parent Connect by August 19th?
    • Please check that we have accurate contact information for you, including a current email address.
    • Virtually sign all of the required documents. Don’t forget to click “edit” to make the forms interactive.
    • Check your child’s schedule beginning on August 14th.


    1. What if I need a Chromebook or hot spot but didn’t request one on the survey?

    Every Wilson student will be issued a Verizon Innovative Learning Program Laptop during the week of August 24th (see the pick-up schedule on our website). If you need the use of a computer or hot spot before that time, it’s not too late! Call the district office at 818-241-3111 to request these items.


    1. Do all students get a Verizon Innovative Learning Program Laptop?

    Yes! Even if you feel you do not need one, we expect every child to have and use their Verizon Innovative Learning Program Laptop. This is like a textbook and will be used daily, even when we return to in-person instruction.

    1. When will we pick-up school materials and our Verizon Innovative Learning Program Laptop?

    Pick-up is scheduled for August 24th-27th. Please see the pick-up schedule on our website. Please only come during your designated hour. Only one adult may accompany each child. Please wear a mask and observe social distancing protocols.

    1. What will we pick-up during our assigned pick-up time?
    • Verizon Innovative Learning Program Laptop
    • Textbooks and consumables
    • Elective supplies (instruments, workbooks, art supplies)
    • Printed schedule


    1. Can my child come by him/herself to pick up materials and his/her Verizon Innovative Learning Program Laptop?

    Though we prefer an adult to be present, your child may come alone. However, not materials can be provided unless the enrollment update is completed on Parent Connect.

    1. Can I come and pick-up materials and a Verizon Innovative Learning Program Laptop without my child?


    1. How do I return items from last school year?

    When you come to pick-up all of your materials for this school year during your designated time during the week of August 24th, you should return any materials from last year. This may include:

    • Textbooks
    • Library books and class novels
    • Chromebooks, chargers, headphones
    • Instruments and music books
    • Other checked out items
    1. When and how does my child get his/her schedule?

    Schedules are available on Parent Connect and Student Connect beginning on August 14th. No schedule changes will be made unless there has been a mistake.


    1. How does my child pick his/her elective?

    Students were given the opportunity to request electives in February of last year. Wilson staff visited all elementary schools to share about electives and collected request forms. Returning Wilson students also completed elective request forms. Every attempt is made to give students their first or second choice.


    1. Where can I find the Middle School Schedule for Distance Learning?

    This can be found on either the district or school website.


    1. How will they receive the code for a Google Classroom?

    Students will view the teacher’s invitation to join the class when they log on to their google classroom account.


    1. How can I get items my child left in their hall locker or PE locker last year?

    Please call the school office at 818-244-8145 to arrange to pick up these items.


    1. What will electives look like remotely?

    Like any other class, an elective teacher will conduct classes with live lessons, in both a synchronous and asynchronous format.


    1. What if my child is not feeling well or can’t attend a class session?

    If possible, please notify the teacher, but also call our front office and inform them of the absence.  If the absence is due to a doctor’s appointment, a doctor’s note may be submitted to our attendance office.