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    The theme for Grade 6 is Climate: Scientific Principles and Communication.


    Students study the Earth’s climate and solutions to climate change using life science, physical science, earth science, and engineering design. Students will strengthen their science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and apply specific disciplinary core ideas to help them develop their own solutions to a variety of environmental problems.


    The culminating experience in each unit is designed to help frame student learning around a particular goal with a focus on using different techniques to communicate the science outcomes. By offering students the opportunity to solve real-world problems that are relevant to them and their community, the curriculum aims to inspire students’ interest in developing their science and engineering skills.


    Unit 1 - Energy and Climate

    Unit 2 - Home Energy

    Unit 3 - Weather and Climate

    Unit 4 - Protecting Plants and Animals

    Unit 5 - Reducing Pollution and Waste




    The following link contains a number of NGSS resources for parents: NGSS Parent Portal



Last Modified on July 25, 2021