• Vibrant Career and College Profiles

    Students explore hundreds of career and college options that align with their assessment results. Engaging content written at a grade 6 level, rich photography, and real-world interviews provide an authentic glimpse into their future and the critical knowledge to make informed decisions and plans


    Interactive Planning Tools

    Students translate their newfound knowledge into an actionable roadmap by piecing together their saved career and academic options to create a personalized plan. Plus, with integrated course planning, they’ll have a clear path to their future goals.


    Build Skills Employers Value

    With integrated lessons, students build essential skills and knowledge that can help them succeed in the real world. Personalized based on their work in Xello, lessons give students the chance to reflect, reassess, and build communication, problem solving, and teamwork skills to ensure smooth transitions between critical life stages.


     All Glendale Unified Middle School and High School students will have access to Xello. 


    * To access Xello including coursework and assignments, head to the Xello Login page.


    You will be prompted to sign in to your Google Single Sign-on login (GMAIL). 



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    Xello Information Sheet (PDF)


    Xello Brochure (PDF)