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    Dear 2019-2020 First Grade Parents and Guardians,


    We are committed to ensuring that every child in the Glendale Unified School District receives the tools they need to achieve their aspirational goals. I am very excited to share with our first grade students and families the launch of our Glendale Unified School District College Success Fund! Our Board of Education has set a priority to maximize student achievement and build college, career, and life readiness pathways for success, which includes financial literacy and empowerment. Our Board Members understand the power behind research stating that a college savings account of any size has a positive effect on a child's long-range goal-setting mindset and overall academic achievement.


    This year, Glendale Unified School District was awarded a $200,000 Every Kid Counts College Savings Program grant from the California Student Aid Commission. We used EKC grant funds and private donations and created the "Glendale Unified College Success Fund" to open a college savings account for each of our 2,000 first grade students and deposit the first $50 into each account. It is the hope of the Board of Education and myself that this will plant the seed for college savings for each of our students. Our students will be able to watch these funds grow over time and ultimately use their savings to attend the college, university, or career training program of their choice after graduating from a Glendale Unified high school.


    We would like to share our deepest appreciation to our community partner, the Glendale Area Schools Credit Union, who will be helping Glendale Unified families open their own savings accounts for their children so that each family can continue to contribute to their child's future success.


    Please see the attachment for more information about our Glendale Unified College Success Fund program.  


    Excelling Together,


    Vivian Ekchian, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools


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