Stay Well, Titans!
  •  Click on this link to get ideas on how to Stress-less:



  • Student Help and Crisis Information:


    • Didi Hirsch in Glendale (M-F - 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. PST):  888-807-7250
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (24 hours):  800-273-8255
    • Crisis Text Line (24 hours): Texting "HOME" to 741741
    • Trevor Project, LGBTQ Crisis Help (24 hours):  866-4-U-TREVOR
    • Teen Line Phone Line (6pm - 10pm PST - Daily):  310-855-4673
    • Teen Line Text and Chat: -
  • How to Handle Stress:

    Allow yourself to FEEL

    • Try to name your feeling(s) "I feel scared."

    • Validate your feeling(s) "Of course I'm scared, this is a scary situation to be in for a lot of people."

    • Accept your feeling(s) "It's ok to be scared right now. I will be ok because I have my family."

    • Feel your feeling(s) in your body "I am scared. I have an upset stomach and tense shoulders."

    • Notice what caused the feeling(s) "I read the news article, which made me scared."

    • Modify your behavior accordingly "I still want to read the news, so I will limit it to 2 articles each morning from reputable sources."

    • If the feeling(s) are overwhelming and cause undue distress, consider what this feeling is trying to tell you "My body is scared because I am worried about Grandma getting sick."

    • Take steps to mitigate the feeling "I am going to exercise so I can loosen my body, then I will call Grandma to check in with her."

    Download a meditation app (and use it!)

    • Breathe

    • Calm

    • Headspace

    Do some light stretches and head rolls

    Find uplifting accounts on Instagram

    • IGWholesome

    • UpWorthy

    • GoodNews_Movement

    • CapacityForGreatness

    • SpreadLoveMovement

    Take one thing at a time. If needed, write down a to-do list and just focus on one thing each day.



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