• Core Information  

     How do I know what core I’m in?

    If my English teacher is:

    Then I am in the...

    6th Grade


    Mrs. Hawker or Mrs. Hoppe or Mr. Soto

    Black Stallions

    Ms. Tavener or Mr. Ponziano

    Purple Pandas

    Ms. Pittman

    Green Gorillas


    7th Grade


    Ms. Veloz or Mrs. Hoppe or Mr. Soto

    Navy Seals

    Ms. Mathevosian or Mr. Ponziano

    Tangerine Tigers

    Ms. Jackson

    Pink Panthers


    8th Grade


    Ms. Bond or Mr. Ponziano

    Blue Dolphins

    Ms. Taschian or Ms. Galvin

    Silver Wolves

    Ms. Lissebeck or Mr. Hoppe or Mr. Soto

    Golden Eagles 


    All Toll students are assigned to a core.

    A "core" is a smaller family within the larger Toll family. Each core is special and unique because of the wonderful students!

    To discover what core you are in, find your English teacher's name in the chart above.


Toll Cores