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    Posted by Amy Buss on 4/7/2020 11:30:00 AM

    Verdugo Academy students are independent learners - they're already good at remote learning! Students were assigned an article on Newsela ("Tips for Students Who are New to Virtual Learning") about working from home. I then asked them for suggestions for students who are new at remote learning so those kids can be successful, too. Here are some of the resposes: 


    Always stay engaged. Being at home means a lot more distractions, but during learning time you need to focus and understand the information you are receiving.”


    A couple tips for students that are new to virtual learning are schedule your work time, study, and stay positive.”


    “Always be attentive.  When you’re sitting in front of the laptop, it can be really easy to get bored and go on your phone! When on your phone you are focused on it, so you’re not listening or looking at what the teacher is saying or writing. It’s very important to be attentive especially during this time so you can be successful.”


    “I would advise someone to make a schedule for their daily academic routine. It can help to write it down so it can be seen easily. It is also useful to keep track of their progress, so they don't worry about not knowing how much more work they need to do. For me, I write the percentage of completion for my courses on a board and update it daily.”


    "Do not white knuckle your way through all the work because you will burn yourself out, then find yourself sitting in front of a screen doing nothing."


    "Make sure you are keeping up with the work, getting behind can seriously mess up your scheduling."


    "Make a plan and stick with it. It's hard in the beginning but it will get easier as you go along."


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    Organizing your time can be a challenge in independent study. Here's a video to help you plan for success: HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR NEW ELEARNING LIFE | A Time Management Tutorial for Students.

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