• Important Log-in Information You Will Need


    Your GUSD Google account


    First initial of first name + first 3 letters of last name + last 4 digits of local ID# + @stu.gusd.net

    Example: If you are Mickey Mouse, ID# 123456

    m+mou+3456+@stu.gusd.net or mmou3456@stu.gusd.net


    gusd + GUSD Stu ID+ ! (exclamation point at the end)

    Example: gusd123456!


    Google Classroom


    Please email me at dorchid@gusd.net for your Google Classroom code. 


    To Access the Springboard Textbook

    1. Go to clever.gusd.net

    2. Sign in to Google using the above log-in information.

    3. Double click the Springboard icon.