• 6th Grade Exploratory Wheels - 22-23

    Students will rotate through the wheels each quarter (every 10 weeks). 

    Choir- Ms. Estep: Choir offers a variety of musical experiences and offers students a chance to develop an overall appreciation of music and the ability to be a music consumer. Students will discover new forms of music as well as a brief unit of music history and performance. 

    Drama- Ms. Galvin: Students will engage with the basics of theatrical production, acting, set design, lighting, costumes, and more. Students will gain foundational skills in public speaking, collaboration, and artistic expression. 

    Pop Culture- Mr. Lopez: Students will be introduced to various people, places, events, film, music, sports, technology, and nuances of everything we as individuals have experienced over the last 40 years. Students will explore the idea of why this era is still relevant to today's times. 

    Careers & Colleges- Mr. Panikowski: Students will develop and practice skills that will help them have success in middle school. Students will be introduced to organizational skills along with class discussions from Sean Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. 

    Art- Ms. Perez: Students will be introduced to traditional art and concepts including: drawing, composition, design, lettering, the elements of design, color theory, critical thinking, and Art History. 

    Go Zen- Ms. Tavener: This class will teach you how to transform stress, anxiety, worry, anger, perfectionism, and social worry into power. You will watch short powerful videos and complete activities to help you through the process of transformation. 


    7th/8th Grade Exploratory Wheels - 22-23

    Public Speaking- Ms. Bond: This class is designed to give students a safe space to develop and improve public speaking, argumentative, and critical thinking skills in communication settings. Techniques will be taught to control speech anxiety, and structure and organize information to present to a variety of audiences.

    Exploring Physics- Ms. Bryan: This class is following the maker movement model whose goal is to encourage more students to get creative and make things. Students will learn basic construction skills and finish the semester by making their own project. 

    International Art & Cultures- Ms. De Luna: Students will explore cultural diversity as they complete art projects, watch films, read articles, and explore websites to analyze global topics. 

    Creative Writing- Ms. Jackson: Students will focus on learning about how to write creatively. At the beginning of the semester, students will learn about different types of poetry and poetry terms. In the second part of the semester, students will work on elements of plot development and short story writing. 

    Mindfulness- Ms. Pittman: This class will provide you with the opportunity to improve your overall focus and flexibility. We will be doing a variety of activites, including guided meditation, yoga, visualization, art, and more!

    Skills for Success- Ms. Pakradouni: This class focuses on social-emotional learning and introduces students to a variety of academic and life skills through collaborative, constructive, and experiential lessons and activies. These skills include- communication, organization, planning time, studying, and test-taking, just to name a few!