2021-2022 Hoover HS PTA Honorary Service Awards



    Dear Hoover Families, Teachers & Staff:

    Honorary Service Awards (HSA) are given to an individual, group, or organization in special recognition of outstanding service to children and youth. When an HSA is given, PTA donates towards the student scholarship fund in the name of the HSA recipient. The HSA committee carefully considers the nominations received and selects based on the awards criteria and the PTA guidelines. 

    This is a very special way to recognize a person (or persons) who has contributed to our school and our children (this person can be a school staff member, Admin, parent/grandparent volunteer, teacher, PTA member, board member, community volunteer etc…) If you would like to nominate one or more individual(s), please write your nomination(s) on the form below and return to:

    PTA mailbox “HSA Committee”.  Or email to: hooverhspta@gmail.com  

    The deadline for accepting nominations is:    April 27th, 2022   

    Thank you!




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