• Week 10: CAST TESTING M-Fri

    Week 9: Test on Thursday 03/05

    Monday: Lab: Energy Levels, Electrons, and Covalent Bonding; Properties of metals, metalloids and nonmetals posted on Google Classroom; Study Guide for Thursday's exam posted on Google Classroom.  HW: Study Guide 

    Tuesday: Reflection on Lab: Energy Level, Valence Electrons and Covalent Bond (animations posted on Google Classroom)  HW: Exam on Thursday

    Wednesday: Check Study Guide Answers; Bohr Model WS practice HW: Study for tomorrow's exam

    Thursday: Density and Periodic Table Exam  HW: None

    Friday: Practice CAST    HW: None

    Week 8:

    Monday: Intro The Periodic Table of Element (PTE); Periodic Table of Elements 1-20 WS (front side only)  HW: In journals, write 3 facts about PTE aka Bestie

    Tuesday: Read + Annotate: Ch. 4 Student Reading-Parts of an Atom; Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons Practice WS (Posted on Google Classroom)HW: None

    Wednesday: Survey; animations and videos (posted on GC); Bestie Talks...Periods, Groups, Bohr Model HW:  Periodic Table of Elements 1-20 WS (Back)

    Thursday: Period 1: Panoramic Pictures; Period 3-6: Color Code Periodic Table of Elements; periods and groups HW: Periodic Table Review and Practice WS

    Friday: Period 1: Color Code PT of Elements; Periodic Table Review and Practice WS Per 3-6:  check PT Review and Practice WS; Intro Covalent Bonds HW: Reflection on AN, AM, Groups and Periods.  Test on Wednesday, 3/4

    Week 7: Density CER due Thursday

    Monday: No School

    Tuesday: Density Part 2--PPT posted on Google Classroom HW: Density CER due Thursday; Reflection on notes

    Wednesday: Lab: Displacement Method HW: Density CER due tomorrow

    Thursday: Lab: Displacement Method Reflections; CER Reflections HW: None

    Friday: Density quiz; Density Practice WS; intro Periodic Table of Element HW: None

    Week 6:

    Monday: No school

    Tuesday: Ch. 3 Density Reading + worksheet Hw: None

    Wednesday: Period 1: Lab: Density HW: Lab reflections Period 3-6: Density PPT; Reflection of Ch. 3 Reading + Worksheet HW: Note Reflection

    Thursday:Period 1: Density PPT; Reflection of Ch. 3 Reading + Worksheet HW: Note Reflection.  Period 3-6: Lab: Density HW: Lab reflections 

    Friday: CER: Density Hw: Draft due Tuesday and final due Wednesday (summative assessment) Posted on Google Classroom

    Week 5: Test on Friday 2/7

    Monday: Period 1: Lab: Condensation; animations (posted on GC) HW: Finish lab writeup.  Period 3-6: Lab: Freezing; animation (posted on GC) HW: Finish lab writeup.

    Tuesday: Period 1: Freezing; animation (posted on GC) HW: Finish Study Guide DUE tomorrow.  Period 3-6: State of Matter Notes; demo: melting + sublimation HW: Review State of Matter Diagram Notes; test on Friday.

    Wednesday: Period 1:  State of Matter Notes; demo: melting + sublimation HW: Study Guide.  Period 3-6: Study Guide for Test 2 HW: Study Guide

    Thursday: Review for Friday's test.  Review PowerPoint posted on Google Classroom  HW: Study 

    Friday: Test 2; Group + Individual  HW: None

    Week 4:

    Monday: Period 1-4: Lab: Heat, Temperature, and Conduction; animation (posted on GC) HW: Finish the Take it Further questions #9-11.  Period 5-6: Ch. 2 Reading + CER HW: None

    Tuesday: Period 1-4: Lab reflection (animation posted on GC), Reading +CER HW: None Period 5-6:  Lab: Heat, Temperature, and Conduction; animation (posted on GC) HW: Finish the Take it Further questions #9-11.

    Wednesday: Lab: State---Evaporation; Animation posted on GC; notes on conduction  HW: Finish questions 1-6, including Take it Further.

    Thursday: Collected Lab: Evaporation + CER (period 1-4 only); Lab: Condensation; animation (posted on GC) HW: Finish questions 1-4

    Friday: Finish Lab; Condensation; notes HW: Finish lab questions...review on Monday.

    Week 3:  Important Date (1/23 Test 1)

    Monday: No School

    Tuesday: Reflect and review Lab: Air, It's Really There!; animation posted on Google Classroom (GC); Reading: Chemistry is the Study of Matter (posted on GC) HW: 100% Study Guide done and checked at the beginning of Wednesday's class; annotate the reading; test on Thursday

    Wednesday: Review game, check answers to Test 1 study guide (posted on GC) HW: Study for tomorrow's test

    Thursday: Test 1 HW: None

    Friday:  Structure of Matter PPT Quiz; State of Matter PPT + notes  HW: Organize Binder (total 9 pages)


    Monday: Lab: Molecules in Motion reflection + notes; animation (posted on Google Classroom)  HW: Reflection on lab, finish Take it Further section (lab sheet collected for credit Tuesday)

    Tuesday: Lab: Ups and Down in Thermometers; reflection on lab; animation (posted on Google Classroom) HW: Quiz tomorrow; finish lab writeup

    Wednesday: Quiz; Structure of Matter (PPT posted on Google Classroom) HW: Finish Reading plus T/F question worksheet; Quiz on identifying structures tomorrow.

    Thursday: Demo; Moving Molecules in a Solid; Animation posted on Google ClassroomHW: Finish Lab writeup due tomorrow

    Friday: Check lab: Moving Molecules in a Solid; Intor Lab: Gas, It's Really There!; animation Posted on Google Classroom  HW: Study Guide for Test 1 (Posted on Google Classroom) must be completed at least 75% of the questions (about 21 questions) HW: Study Guide due Wednesday; Test 1 on Thursday 1/23

    Week 1:

    Monday: No School

    Tuesday: Welcome Back! Movie

    Wednesday: Lab: Molecules Matter; demo; notes    HW: Reflect on today's lab, reviewing the KT: Motion, Distance, and Attraction.  Check out Google Classroom for helpful video and animation.

    Thursday: Demo Talks, Notes, videos HW: Finish Molecules Matter Lab packet

    Friday: Lab: Molecules in Motion HW: Reflection on lab, paying close attention to the effect of temperature on particle/molecule motion.  Check out the animation posted on Google Classroom