FLAG French Program at Toll

  • The FLAG French Program at Toll
    FLAG French Language and Literature is a continuation of the elementary dual language immersion program which emphasizes higher levels of communication skills and comprehension strategies in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  
     Students use precise and concise language for expressing themselves orally and in written form. The curriculum takes into account text complexity, a balance between literature and informational text, and an integrated approach to instruction. Readings will include novels and poems: L'envol des lettres 5eTerrienneLe secret d'OrbaeVendredi ou la vie sauvage, and Le Roi Arthur.  Students also learn about the cultures of the French speaking world, which includes 29 countries, through articles, videos, and authentic experiences. 
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    District Information

    The FLAG French program began at Franklin Elementary School in 2012 with support from the Magnet Schools Assistance Program (MSAP) Grant. French was the fourth and final language added to the International Foreign Language Academy Magnet program at Franklin. The program focuses on high levels of language proficiency in English and French.


    FLAG French Program Pathways

    FLAG French Pathways


    Elementary FLAG Program


    The FLAG French program follows a 90:10 Dual Immersion Program model in elementary school. Students initially receive instruction in French for 90% of the day and in English for 10% of the day starting in kindergarten. The percentage of English increases annually until 50% of the day is taught in French and 50% in English by 5th grade. French language is taught both for language acquisition and content instruction.


    Careful consideration is given to the selection and planning of the content areas and themes that are taught in French. Dual Immersion classes are taught by fully credentialed, bilingual teachers who have additional preparation and expertise in teaching French.


    FLAG French Elementary School: Franklin ES 


    Middle School FLAG Program


    Students who wish to continue in the FLAG French program for middle school take French Language Arts as an elective.


    FLAG French Middle School: Toll MS


    High School World Languages


    Students who wish to continue their French studies into high school may take French language as an elective. Courses are available through AP French Language. Students are also eligible to take the AP French exam and earn the Seal of Biliteracy in French.


    French language offered at the following high schools: Hoover HS (FLAG feeder school), Crescenta Valley HSGlendale HS