• Winter Break Extra Credit Assignments

    Complete each checkpoint on a separate paper. Don't forget to include the heading. Staple all Checkpoints together and have it ready to turn in the first day of school. 


    Checkpoint 3 p.719 #1-19odd

    Checkpoint 4 p.723 #1-19 odd

    Checkpoint 5 p.731 #1-7 odd

    Checkpoint 7 p.737 #1-35 odd

    Checkpoint 8 p.740 #1-23 odd

    Checkpoint 9 p. 744 #1-15odd

    Checkpoint 10 p.748 #1-28 odd


    Answers to all questions are in the book. Therefore, I am looking for step by step clear work on how you solved each problem.


    No work=No Credit

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