List of pages in the Reader / Writer Notebook



    (Collection #1) 


    1) Class editing marks.


    2) Journal # 1 - What is the most difficult decision that you've ever had to make? Who or what helped you with the final decision? Do you feel as if you made the correct                            choice? Why or whay not?


    3) Pg. 6 & 7 Work


    4) 'Choices' Map - What are some of the important choices that you've made in your life?


    5) Journal #2 - Response to the Gander story / 9/11


    6) Poem Brainstorming 


    7) Jouranl #3 - How do 7th graders try to impress one another? What are some of the funny or unusual things that you have seen fellow students do in order to get                                   attention?


     (Collection #2)


    1) Journal #4 - If you had to help a new student around Wilson who had never before gone to school (had onle ever been homeschooled,) what would be the most                                     important things for you to tell them?


    2) Schooled - RRJ #1 - (Chs. 1-3) Look back at the first three chapters of Schooled. Choose TWO of Cap's 'Capisms' (Philosophical thoughts about life) and discuss each one                                                    in 3-4 complete sentences. Do you agree with him? Disagree? Why or why not? (3-4 sentences)

    3) Schooled - RR#2 - (Ch. 4) -  Review the difficulties that CAP has in Chapter 4. Give TWO examples of how Cap's lack of experience causes problems for him that                                                            another student would not have. (3-4 sentences)

                                    (Ch. 5) - What are Hugh's moral responsibilities once he realizes that Cap is being targeted for bullying with the 8th Grade presiential nomination?                                                      Explain his actions. (3-4 sentences)

    4) Schooled - RR#3 - (Ch. 9) How does Cap's relationship with Sophie change / shift in Chapter 9? Explain your answer. (4-5 sentences)

                                    (Ch. 10) The bullying of Cap increases and yet he doesn't get upset. why does this bother Zach so much? What lesson can we learn from Cap in this                                                   chapter about reacting to bullies? (4-5 sentences)

                                     (Ch. 11) Did Cap make the right choice when he drove the bus to the hosipital? Why or why not? (4-5 sentences)

    5) Journal #5 - By middle school many kids have experienced both being bullied and having bullied someone else in some way. What have been your experiences with                                 bullying? This CAN be as just an observer. 


    6) Narrative Prompt Check List:  ~ Write a multi-paragraph essay about a choice ( 4-6 paragraphs.)

                                                       Include information about the choice AND the consequences.

                                                       Include Incident / Response / Reflection (Reflection should be developed!)

                                                       Use transitions / Sensory Language / Parallel sentence structure.

                                                       Connect ideas clearly for the reader.

                                                       Include insights about the effects and consequences of your choice. 

    7) Schooled - RRJ #4 - (Ch. 12) In what ways is Cap's life at C-Average starting to change? What is responsible for the shift? (4-5 Sentences)

                                      (Ch. 13) What is your opinion of Sophie's father? Support your opinion with at least three specific examples. (4-5 Sentences)


    8) "Revising the Beginning' - Pgs. 30-31 #1, 3, 4, & 5. Remember to write / edit THREE new leads / beginnings for your narrative essay. 


    9) Schooled - RRJ #5 - (Ch. 14)  1) Now that you've gotten to know Capricorn a little better by the end of Chapter 14, what is your opinion of him? Support your opinion                                                           with several examples. Would you want Cap for a friend?

                                                    2) What do you think might happen with the Halloween Dance? Give several details from the story to support your theory.

                                       (Ch. 15) 3) Explain what happens when Cap tries to show Hugh how to Tie-Dye. Why is this experience important for Cap's future at C-Average?

                                                    4) What important realization does Hugh make at the end of this chapter? Why is this so significant for both Cap AND Hugh?


    10) Journal #6 - 

    1. Journal #6 - (Answers should be 20 lines minimum.) What do you think of the adults in this book so far; think specifically about Mr. Kasigi, Ms. Donnelly, and Rain. Are they making the right decisions for Cap? What mistakes have the adults made up until this point? Support your answer with specific examples from the book.