School Yearbook

  • Yearbooks on sale! For the first time, Verdugo Woodlands Elementary School will have an ALL-SCHOOL yearbook for your child to cherish for many years to come!  
    All classes and special groups will be featured in the yearbook.
    Get copies for your kids for
    * $25 each before January 1
    * $30 each after January 1


    Order deadline is April 1!




    How do I place my order?

    Through Paypal

    • Use the form on the right to pay through Paypal.


    By Cash or Check

    • If paying by check, make the check payable to WAVE and include in the memo: "Yearbook/(teacher's name)/(your child(ren)'s name)".
    • Put the cash/check in a sealed envelope, labeled "Yearbook/(teacher's name)", and drop it in the "WAVE" mailbox across the front office.
    • Have your child give it to their teacher and they can drop it for you.

Pay with Paypal

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