Google Classroom Class Codes

  • You should be able to log onto all of these website through your Clever account, but here are the codes if Clever does not work for you! 


    Google Classroom

    First Period  - mibd6oh

    Third Period - 4x6oyfa

    Fourth Period - idmlkwg

    Fifth Period - v2kae54

    Sixth Period - lq3gcgx (first letter is lower case L)



    First Period - alluring-falcon-0426

    Third Period - amazing-mule-3968

    Fourth Period - silent-warbler-8780

    Fifth Period - responsible-antelope-5796

    Sixth Period - yummy-jackal - 7416


    Khan Academy

    First Period - KZUP9KWP

    Third Period - YQJJ9WX7

    Fourth Period - 2Z5DMD9D

    Fifth Period - 5P78DDJA

    Sixth Period - W2DZDSVT




    First Period - n7BD5b

    Third Period - qxuaWJ

    Fourth Period - mryQmF

    Fifith Period - 25iuv2

    Sixth Period - oCX9zf