P.E. In-class Activities

  • This page serves as a general guide for the various games, sports, and activities that your class may, or may not, participate in during class time.  

    1.  Basketball

    2.  Volleyball

    3.  Flag Football

    4.  Ultimate frisbee/football

    5.  Capture the flag

    6.  Tag

    7.  Handball

    8.  Pickleball

    9.  Paddleball

    10.   Track and Field (includes shot put, high jump, hurdles, and various sprint and distance events)

    11.  Gymnastics

    12.  Team Handball

    13.  Soccer

    14.  Softball

    15.  Physical Fitness (includes push-ups, sit-ups, flexibility, running)

    16.  Running (includes half-mile run, mile run, PACER test, timed runs)

    There may be other small games or activities that your teacher might incorporate into the day.  There also may be some whole group activities that we do on a particularly rainy, wet, or exceptionally hot day.