Nut Allergy Advisory

  • Prevention is the best approach for reducing the risk of a severe allergic reaction.  While we cannot completely avoid all such food products in our school, it is important to reduce the exposure in our classroom as much as possible in order to provide a peanut/tree nut safe environment.  To help us keep this student safe, we are implementing a strict no peanut/tree nut policy in the classrooms.  Pease try your best not to send any products with nuts to school.  Such food items may leave a residue on hands or clothes after snack/lunch and can be transferred to computer keyboards, tables and shared classroom materials.  We realize that eliminating all peanut and nut products can be challenging, but if your own child were at risk, you’d want everyone to support this effort.  Please talk to your child about peanut and nut allergies and encourage him/her to be supportive.  We’ve learned that children really want to help each other. 


    We would also like to ask for your assistance by doing your best to pack lunches without nut products.  If your child eats peanut butter or anything with nuts before school, please make sure your child cleans their mouth and hands before coming to school.  If you cannot avoid peanut butter or nut products on certain days for lunch, please ask your child to inform the teacher first thing in the morning.


    We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Last Modified on August 23, 2019