• Tarea Per. 3

    Posted by MELISSA OGARA on 8/19/2019 2:00:00 PM


    1. Saber de memoria toda la conversación,
    2. Bring the rubric one copy of the dialogue with highlighted verbs/vocabulary


    1. Saber de memoria toda la conversación
    2. Bring the rubric (one per group) and be ready to perform!  I look forward to hearing what you've created :)


    1. Proofread and begin to memorize the conversation you wrote in class today


    1. Traducir con los verbos reflexivos


    1. Flipo-charto (Verbos Radicales y Verbos Reflexivos)

    *Summarize your class notes on Stem changing verbs and Reflexive verbs onto the flip chart. Write at least one verb you know to serve as an example, and then write verbs you didn't know before this year.  These are your notes, so make them useful to you.   


    1. Gramática - Presente de los verbos de cambio radical


    1. Prueba de práctica sobre los verbos regulares e irregulares en el presente


    1. Hoja de estudios (Quizlet) para los verbos regulares e irregulares en el tiempo presente


    1. Practica co los verbos regulares en el tiempo presente
    2. Set up and label all tabs for the Flipo charto


    1. Bring ALL materials listed on the first page of the green policy sheets.  In addition to those items listed on the green policy sheets, make sure you bring in the yellow class contract form and the textbook form (blue if you have a textbook, pink if you chose the online option)



    Bien hecho!  Encontraste mi sitio de web y este enlace.  Sigue las instrucciones:

    1.  Print the following three pages:

    1. This page with the instructions for tonight's homework.  You won't have to do this again.  You are simply proving to me that you have found the three most important pages on my website that relate to your class specifically. 
    2. The "actividades de clase" page for period 3 only 
    3. The "home page" that shows the links down the left side of the page.

    2)  Put the three pages together (staple them if you can, or staple them when you come to class on Friday), and label the first page with your name (first and last), your class number, and today's date (21-8-2019).  Bring these three printed pages to class on Friday.


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