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    Posted by MELISSA OGARA on 9/3/2019 4:00:00 AM


    1. Practice and rehearse your lines for your presentation of your skits.  You should have your lines memorized, but in a way that makes the conversation seem natural.  Read through the rubric to make sure you know what I will be looking for! We will continue writing on Friday, and presentations will be done on Tuesday, September 24.



    1. Proofread your dialogue and make sure your writing is accurate.  Make sure you've stuck to material from your vocabulary lists and class notes.
    2. Rehearse (read out loud) the parts you've written from class today and start memorizing!


    1. La hora (worksheet)



    1. La fecha



    1. Números y días (crucigrama = crossword puzzle)



    1. Hoja de estudios sobre los saludos y coretsía

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    Posted by MELISSA OGARA on 8/19/2019 2:00:00 PM


    1. Un poco de todo


    1. Mas practica con el abecedario


    1. Saludos - Actividades A +B (Follow directions for each section)



    1.  Bring all materials listed on the first page of the green policies to class on Monday, August 26. (20 points)


    **Make sure you remember to bring the yellow contract sheet (signed), the pink "hoja de informacion" sheet (completed with your answers, including #16), and the textbook form (blue or pink)

    **Decorate both pages of your "diario" covers by placing clipart and drawings that represent you and will insire you to write.   If you use words, try to look up the Spanish word.  On each page, make sure you include your first and last name, your class number (alphabetical), and Período. 

    2.  Follow these instructions and bring all three pages with you to class on Monday, August 26 (20 points)

    1. Print this page (you won't have to do this again.  By printing the pages for homework and bringing the pages in, you are demonstrating to me that you know where to find the most important links that are relevant to this class) 
    2. Print the "actividades de clase" page for per. 2 and 4 (click on the link for this page from my home page.  Right click and print the page once it appears on your screen)
    3. Print my homepage 
    4. Staple these three pages together
    5. On the top, right hand side of the first paper, write your full name, class number (alphabetical number), and the period you are in. 



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