What We Do

  • The Benjamin Franklin Elementary Foundation (BFEF) supports the development of every student by identifying needs and raising funds to support evidence-based programs that promote engagement, creativity, educational excellence, environmental citizenship, and language and cultural enrichment. 


    BFEF allows Franklin to fundraise for things that the District can't afford: Target language teaching assistance, teacher supplies, technology & enrichment support, Music & Visual arts teachers & supplies, Learning garden & environmental science programs, as well as maintaining our green spaces.

    ...along with our STEAM Fair, Franklin Film Festival and more!

    BFEF is entirely run by volunteers, which means funds go right back to our students.

    Here is where the money goes: 

    • Target language teaching assistance: $82,000
    • Teacher supplies, technology & enrichment support: $28,000
    • Music & Visual Arts Teachers and supplies: $31,000
    • Learning garden & environmental science programs: $15,000

    All proceeds are 100% tax-deductible and go DIRECTLY BACK TO THE SCHOOL. 

    Please don’t forget to request corporate matching funds if they are offered by your company. 

    You may also make in-kind donations (design, goods, services).

    Become a sustaining BFEF supporter!
    Sign up for monthly donations that continue year-to-year until you adjust or conclude them.


     Donate Now


    BFEF Treasurer: bfeftreasurer@gmail.com.

    (BFEF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is deductible to the maximum allowed by law. Federal Tax ID 27-1310472.

How to Help

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    There are two ways to support Foundation: through donations and through volunteering. Our Foundation's work is truly a team effort, and we hope that every Franklin family can find a way to contribute - whether financially or with time (or both) - each year.


    Our Foundation runs solely on parent/grandparent/neighbor power. If you have enthusiasm, ideas, and can make the time to help, these are always our most urgent needs:


    Merci! Grazie mille! Gracias! Danke schön!