Student, Parent, Teacher Compact


    Roosevelt Middle School

    Student Parent Teacher Compact 2019-2020



    Student Name:                                            


    Student Responsibilities


    • Returning and completing all class work and homework.
    • Follow all PBIS expectations by being Respectful, Responsible, Ready, and Safe at all times
    • Following all school and classroom rules.
    • Attending school regularly and being on time.
    • Respecting other people and the community.
    • Meeting or exceeding State Standards and classroom expectations.
    • Recording daily agendas and assignments in my Daily Planner.


    Student Signature:                                       Date:                              


    Parent Responsibilities

    It is my responsibility to:

    • Monitor my child’s attendance and completion of homework by checking the Daily Planner or Parent Portal.
    • Support the PBIS expectations at home by reminding my child to be Respectful, Responsible, Ready, and Safe both in and out of school.
    • Attend at least (1) parent meeting.
    • Attend parent/teacher conferences, as needed or requested, for each of my children.
    • Be knowledgeable of all important school dates. (Progress Reports and Report Card mailings, Testing, Finals, etc.)
    • Do my best to participate actively in my child’s education by attending school functions, monitoring Parent Connect Portals, participating on school committees, joining school organizations.


    Parent Signature:                                                   Date:                              


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    Teacher Responsibilities

    It is my responsibility to:

    • Follow the State Standards and the curriculum.
    • Support PBIS at Roosevelt by implementing it in my classroom and schoolwide with fidelity in order to continue to create a positive school environment.
    • Regularly reteach and reinforce the Roosevelt four and support the implementation of Restorative Practices. 
    • Keep parents informed of their child’s progress on a regular basis.
    • Support school functions.
    • Believe that all students can be successful.
    • Assign and assess classwork and homework.
    • Provide a safe and caring learning environment.


    Teacher Signature:                                       Date:                                       


    Prepared, revised and approved by Roosevelt MS School Site Council on 5/21/19.