• Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month for May:

    Raj Hungund!

    Raj and his wife Kim have been Fremont parents for the past 3 years. Their daughter Grace is in
    second grade and they also have a 3-year old son named Ethan who will be joining us at Fremont
    before we know it.  Although Raj never thought he would be able to find the time to volunteer when
    his daughter started Kindergarten, he was introduced to PAC as a way to give back to Fremont, and
    has now been a board member for the past 2 years.  During his first year going to PAC meetings, Raj
    volunteered to chair the Holiday gift card sales and when another parent graduated from Fremont, he
    stepped in to help chair and run the online auction for the annual Fiesta event.  In addition to chairing
    these various responsibilities, Raj does his part to make sure PAC runs smoothly - from managing
    and supporting their online presence with efforts such as implementing online fundraising tools, online
    ticket sales and web/newsletter marketing while also volunteering at PAC events when he can.  
    Here are what members of the community had to say about Raj:
    “I had sort of a strange request for the online auction (a sign up party rather than a bid). He figured
    out how to make it work on the web service we were using. He also was so responsive and kind when
    coordinating all the auction items submitted by room parents!”
    “He jumped right into PAC when his daughter, Gracie, started kinder ... He is on the PAC board and
    was a huge part of the reason the PAC silent auction went so well and brought in so much money! He
    was a big help with the Annual Campaign and has helped PAC in all events with his tech savvy. He is
    always willing to lend a hand when needed and brings fresh, new ideas to the table at practically
    every PAC meeting! Raj gets my vote!
    Thank you, Raj, for being such a giving member to the Fremont Family! We appreciate all that you