• Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month for April:

    Stacy Clark!

    Stacy has been at Fremont for 10 years and has served as room parent in multiple
    classes and is currently room parent for Ms. Wooldridge. For the past few years she has
    co-chaired the Walk a Thon/Fun Run, Bootique, Bingo Night, and Field Day, another
    BIG, outside adventure. Lots of coordination and energy! For the past 2 years Stacy has
    also been the PTA Secretary. She put her own little spin on the position and didn't just
    take notes, she added little Easter eggs in them. Everyone who read them, was treated
    to a few giggles. Stacy has stepped up to lead the PTA by volunteering to be President
    for 2019-2020! With her experience at Fremont and running different programs, she will
    continue to be a great asset to our PTA.
    Here are what members of the community had to say about Stacy:
    “Stacy Clark is a whirlwind!!! When she volunteers, she goes all in! This year's Fun-Run
    was a huge success due to her planning and participation. She put in countless hours!
    She also helped run the Walk-A-Thon in the past so she is helping look for
    improvements all the time.”
    “It was great co-chairing the Fun Run with Stacy. Stacy was very involved and excited
    to be part of the process of revamping this healthy fundraiser. She was extremely
    organized and efficient. Most of all, she is fun!”
    Thank you, Stacy, for being such a giving member to the Fremont Family! We
    appreciate all that you do!