• Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month for March:

    Jeri Lyn Brown!

    Jeri Lyn is the proud mother of two boys.  Cash Davis is a 7 year old first grader at Fremont and Maxton Davis is a 5 year old in the Transition Kindergarten program at Mountain Avenue. She started helping as a classroom helper in Ms. Pano's kindergarten class and is now the Art Docent for Ms. Taylor's 1st grade class. She looks forward to helping Ms. Taylor on the field trip this month.  As an art docent, Jeri Lyn went above and beyond to make sure the clay and glazes could be rehydrated and in so doing extend the life of the materials and save the program money! This is work that benefits all of our classrooms so her help reached beyond her son’s first grade class. Jeri Lyn is happy to be at Fremont and said “our experience at Fremont has been that our teachers have always given above and beyond the call of duty.  It is inspiring to see the passion and love that they put into their jobs.”   

    Here are what a member of the community had to say about Jeri Lyn:

    “I’d like to recognize someone who may be way under the radar but is doing amazing work. Jeri Lyn Brown has been a hero of an Art Docent! She (and her husband) not only have volunteered for classes, they took the initiative to research and rehydrate clay and glazes to greatly extend our art program budget. This took considerable time and muscle and I want others to know what an incredible effort she made for our students. I’m so grateful to her.”


    Thank you, Jeri Lyn, for being such a giving member to the Fremont Family! You may be “under the radar,” but we see you and appreciate all that you do!