Citizenship Policy

  • Citizenship in Physical Education will rely on the Titan Tenets and the ability for students to adhere to those qualities while performing physical tasks.


    Punctuality – Students are expected to be on time to the locker room to change into their PE clothes.  Students are also expected to change in a timely fashion and get to class on time.  Being on time to class means that the student needs to be below the gate when the Late bell rings. 

    1. Any student that is late 1-3 times will be counseled by the teacher.
    2. On the 3rd “late” an email will be sent home notifying the parent.
    3. On the 4th “late” a referral will be given to the student and they will earn an automatic “N” in citizenship for that grading period.
    4. On the 5th “late” the student will earn an automatic “U” in citizenship.

    These policies are for every 10 week period (one quarter).  Each quarter it will reset and the student will have a chance to have a fresh start.  However, any student that has earned a “U” due to being late to class too many times will not be able to earn an “O” for that next grading period. 


    Respect – Students are expected to show respect in the following manner:

    1. Students are to respect themselves.  They should dress in their PE clothes every day, behave in a manner that is not a distraction to the teacher or other students, and have a generally pleasant demeanor.  A student should respect every PE teacher and not just their own. 
    2. Students should respect the locker room. They should use an “inside” voice.  They should not yell, run, scream, hit the lockers, or throw clothes.
    3. Students should respect each teacher in the department. They should never use profane language during class time, towards a teacher, or towards another student.  Students should never talk back to a teacher, talk over a teacher, or yell at a teacher for any reason.


    Success – Students are expected to succeed according to their own level of ability.  Success will look different to each student depending on the task at hand.  It is our goal that each student will strive for success on a daily basis.  It is our goal as teachers to help each student succeed according to their ability.


    Cleanliness – Students are expected to keep themselves, their clothes, the locker room, the field, and the gym clean at all times.  At no time is any of the following behavior allowed:

    1. Spitting
    2. Littering
    3. Chewing gum and/or spitting out gum on the ground
    4. Leaving clothes lying around the locker room
    5. Leaving their locker unlocked either during or after class

    Students should keep themselves clean by showering regularly, brushing their teeth daily, learning to and using deodorant, and washing their clothes on a weekly basis.  Not following some of these personal hygiene routines can lead to health risks.


    Service – Students are expected to be positive with each other and work towards having a safe atmosphere for all students to perform to the best of their own ability.  Students should actively encourage participation by all students, help each other learn rules and skills, be positive when students are exhibiting hard work, and celebrate success.