• Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month for February:

    Paul Rickey!

    For nine years, Paul has provided his graphic services of design and printing for various
    programs. These include:
     Summer Reading Postcards Program
     Designs and prints the school posters and the postcards
     Read A Thon and Reading Celebration fundraiser from a few years back when
    we couldn’t do the Walk-A-Thon
     Designed the fundraising flyers and had them printed in color for at cost, which
    saved a fortune!
     Art Nights 
     Designed the overall program flyer and then all the individual presentation ones.
    He also presented one of the nights.
     Designed the Atikian Book Club flyer.
     Helped design (along with his work colleague) the new CUBS logo.
     Created the original “wanted” posters for the 4th grade teachers and admin for
    Gold Rush Day.
     Art docent for many years (lost count how many times)
     Fremont Girl Scout troop leader for 4 years 
     Helps at various school events, such as Fiesta booths, Colonial Day, etc.
    Here are what members of the community had to say about Paul:
    “His amazing skills as a graphic artist MADE our Art Nights this past fall. The posters he
    designed and printed at no charge to Fremont PTA, were gorgeous. He changed them
    every week based on the subject of the art night and helped as soon as he was asked.
    He also volunteered to speak as a professional artist at Art Night, giving his time, talent
    and energy to the students with the result of inspiring them! He has also made the
    Summer Reading flyers, Atikian Book Club flyers and most recently designed our
    AWESOME Fremont C.U.B.S. Committee logo!!! Thank you, Paul for everything you
    have done for Fremont!”
    “He flies under the radar but does a lot of behind the scenes work.”
    Thank you, Paul, for being such a giving member to the Fremont Family! You may not
    be front and center, but we see you and appreciate all that you do!