• Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month for January:

    Jane Yang!

    Jane and her husband Ted have been at Fremont for 2 years now. Despite it being her
    first year at Fremont, Jane took on the role of being a room parent in her son Andy’s
    kindergarten class and is now the room parent again for his 1st grade class. She has
    given so much of her time to her son’s classes, and it has been truly appreciated by the
    teachers. Jane happily puts in the time and effort, and feels it allows her to be of service
    to our community.
    Here is what members of the community had to say about Jane:
    “[As my room parent] she has been most helpful organizing parties, but she also does
    so much more.  She has taken time out of her day to be a mystery reader for our first
    grade class.  Her help has been invaluable as a first year teacher here at Fremont.  She
    or her husband have filled in last minute to fill Thursday folders, organize hot cocoa
    donations for a writing lesson, and gone above and beyond multiple times. I am so
    grateful to have her help.” 
    “[As my room parent last year] she did an amazing job! She was always willing to help
    with whatever I needed. She spent her evenings organizing our class Shutterfly site,
    updating messages to parents, planning our parties and making sure our classroom
    supplies were well stocked through parent donations. She worked so hard, made it look
    effortless and did it with a smile! I cannot speak enough about how deserving she is of
    recognition for her support of teachers and our school.”
    Thank you, Jane for being such a giving member of the Fremont Family!