Restorative Practices Advisory Task Force



    In 2018, Glendale Unified School District formed an Advisory Task Force to provide input for implementing Restorative Practices throughout the district.




    Restorative Practices provides the foundation of building community. It supports students as they learn to solve problems and respond to conflict nonviolently by providing proactive and responsive communication tools that promote a positive school climate.  Restorative Practices results in an inclusive culture, builds a fair decision-making process, and facilitates student learning to address behaviors through a restorative approach.


    Task Force Goals


    • Develop short-term goals and a common mission & vision;
    • Advise on the development of a multi-year strategic plan, including research and planning; and
    • Advocate for the work of Restorative Practices and seek out support and funding amongst community groups.


    The Task Force will make recommendations to the Superintendent and staff. Task Force members will assist staff in presentations regarding the implementation of Restorative Practices to the Board and community. 


    Task Force Composition


    In order to have broad representation of stakeholders, we are seeking up to 21 members for the Task Force:


    • Five (5) school administrators from all levels (elementary through high school);
    • Five (5) certificated staff (teachers, counselors, etc.);
    • Five (5) parent representatives and community members;
    • Three (3) classified staff; and
    • Three (3) high school students.


    Dr. Chris Coulter, Director of Teaching and Learning and Dr. Mary Mason, Executive Director of Elementary Education served as co-facilitators.