• Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month for October 2018:

    Evan Gore!

    After he and his wife Heather were encouraged to check out a PAC meeting, she said to Evan, “One of us should go to these… and it should be you.”  That was when Evan’s teenager was in first grade, and Heather was already on her second round as room parent.  When he told the guy who ran Dine-Out Nights we should try food trucks, he threw his arm around Evan and told him he’d be in charge. After two years of PAC meetings, becoming “The Food Truck Guy” and helping out at Fiesta, he was offered an empty seat on the PAC board. When his wife co-chaired Walk-A-Thon for the first of four years, they “voluntold” Evan to host the ice cream social, and ever since he’s answered to the name, “Mr. Scoops, The Ice Cream Man." The year Evan’s funny dad friend Jim Schmit was being honored, his wife asked Evan to say a few words (since he’s a comedy writer by trade), and Evan has been the emcee of Founders Day and Field Day for many years. During that time, Evan’s friend Demery Matthews said she’d agree to be PAC President, if he would have her back and be Vice-President…which he then was for four years.  Evan’s son is in his 6th grade year here, and rather than tiptoe off into the Montrose Sunset, Evan relented one last time, and agreed to fill the shoes of PAC President, a job he’d fought off all the years before.  He never intended to build this resume, but there’s a great need for parent help at school, and he has said yes a lot.  Evan says “I’m proud to have worked with so many wonderful, smart and dedicated parents and teachers at Fremont, who all give their energy and time for the same reason— we love our kids.  Thanks for the recognition y’all!”


    Here are what members of the community had to say about Evan:

    Evan Gore has been a contributing member of PAC since for the last 9 years. He has held so many positions for PAC and PTA that it’s hard to count. But some of them include: Grants Chair, Vice President for 4 years, Board Member, Founder’s Day MC, Parent Party MC, Back to School Picnic Coordinator, and probably his most important and well known role playing Mr. Scoops for countless ice cream parties and has even been known to show up to a few birthday parties as Mrs. Scoops. But really an all-around awesome guy!


    Evan is a wealth of knowledge and proud supporter of Fremont Elementary and the community. His main focus is to make sure every kid at Fremont has an enriching experience throughout their elementary school education. It is because of his dedication year after year, his humbleness, and can-do outlook that we think Evan is the PERFECT fit for November’s volunteer of the month.


     Thank you, Evan for being such a giving member of the Fremont Family!