Image IV Printer Procedures


    HP Printers Image IV Systems is contracted by GUSD to provide services and toners for the district's desktop printer fleet.  All eligible printers under this contract will have an Equipment ID label visible on the printer (see example image).  Please refer to the ID number on the label for any service and/or toner request.  Multifunction copiers/scanners are covered under a separate contract.  Below are different procedures to follow depending on the type of request.

  • Printer repair request

    Printer Repairs

    Work order created

    The requestor submits a work order to ETIS describing their printer issue(s)

    Problem assessed

    ETIS assesses the problem and schedules an Image IV site visit for advanced repairs if needed

    Problem resolved

    ETIS updates and closes the original work order appending any resolution notes



    Printer toner request

    Printer Supplies

    Contact Image IV

    New toner is automatically delivered when remaining capacity is below 10%. If one is not received after reaching 5% capacity, the requestor can send an email to (include your Equipment ID, site name and room number) or call the phone number indicated on the Equipment ID label. 

    New toner delivered

    Image IV sends a replacement toner to the designated site contact for end-user delivery

    New toner installed

    The requestor self-installs the new toner that was delivered

    Used toner recycled

    The used toner is taken to a designated area on-site where they are collected and picked up by a recycling partner



    Printer installation request

    Printer Installations

    Work order created

    The requestor submits a work order to ETIS when a new printer arrives on-site

    Printer set up

    ETIS coordinates with Image IV to schedule a site visit to unbox, tag and install the new printer

    Printer installed

    ETIS updates and closes the original work order appending any resolution notes

Example Equipment ID Label

Example Equipment ID Label

Printer FAQs

  • My printer toner is running low. When will a replacement toner be delivered?

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    When printer toner is below 10% remaining capacity, Image IV will automatically deliver replacement toner to the site and room number associated with the printer Equipment ID.  If you do not automatically receive a replacement toner when reaching 5% capacity, please contact the Image IV phone number located on the Equipment ID label.

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  • What do I do with previously purchased, unopened toner boxes?

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    If you still have unopened boxes of toner for printers that are supported under the contract, please call the Image IV Supplies phone number to get credit for replacing low toner alerts with existing supplies on-hand.  Delivery of a replacement toner will be deferred until the next low toner alert.

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  • What do I do with used toner?

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    Konica Minolta is the recycling partner contracted by Image IV to pick up used toner supplies. Please call 1-855-45-EARTH (1-855-453-2784) to request additional recycling boxes. GUSD is on the Box Program when asked. Refer to your site procedures for sending used toner supplies to your on-site drop-off location.

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  • I need to relocate a printer to a different site/room.

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    Do not relocate any printer(s) without informing ETIS and Image IV of the new location.  The Equipment ID on each printer is associated with the current site and room number of the printer.  The accuracy of this information is important for proper delivery of replacement supplies and/or repair services.

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