Parent Information on Scholastic Book Orders

  • "The MORE you READ, the better you get at EVERYTHING!"

         It has been shown that reading helps students not only improve their reading and writing skills, but it also helps them improve their vocabulary and their test scores. As a result, I like to provide my students with every opportunity to get books and to get more enthusiastic about reading books.

         Approximately, every month I will send home Scholastic Book Orders to encourage my students to read. While you are under no obligation to order any books from Scholastic, I would like to offer you a chance to get good quality books at reasonable prices. You don't have to pay tax or shipping, and often you can get some great books for only one or two dollars.

         We will be reading The Outsiders this year, so if you'd like for your children to have a copy of their own, please feel free to purchase it on your own or from the Book Orders.


    The PDF below can help you familiarize yourself with Scholastic's Online Ordering procedures.


    Scholastic Online Ordering Procedures