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    Clark Magnet High School, Class of 2018

    University of California, Los Angeles, Class of 2022


    By Ani Amirkhanian


    Being a leader is a skill that comes naturally to Clark Magnet High School graduate Sofia Yeremian. When it comes to taking charge, Yeremian knows what to do to get things done. 


    “Ever since I was young, I was a shy kid. I was very quiet, but I always wanted to step ahead,” Yeremian said. 


    Yeremian demonstrated her leadership skills during her time at Clark Magnet; taking on various extracurricular activities and managing to keep up with her academic studies. She took pride in all her duties, committing herself to school functions while taking nine AP classes between her junior and senior years, and maintaining a 4.4 GPA. 


    “Time management and organization are the most important things you need to get things done,” she said. “I am a very organized person, I write everything down. I don’t like to cluster my mind, I know how to manage time with friends and time with school.” 


    Yeremian’s junior and senior year were filled with student government responsibilities. She became junior class treasurer and senior class president after she noticed something had to be done to improve school spirit. Yeremian was one of six candidates who ran for class president and was the only girl who won against five boys.  


    Within one year, the Clark Magnet student government raised over $10,000, thanks to Yeremian’s leadership. The money was used to fund the senior class Catalina and Disneyland trips, and the senior prom. 


    Yeremian was also the founding member of the Animal Awareness Club, which raises money by selling toys to donate to the Burbank Animal Shelter. Additionally, she was the vice president of the Make-A-Wish Club, which raised over $600 to donate to a terminally ill child to make their wish come true. Students raised funds during the annual Clark Magnet talent show. 


    “We had students run around and collect money in buckets,” Yeremian said. 


    In addition to her fundraising efforts, Yeremian was also a member of the GUSD Student Advisory Council, a group made up of student leaders from each of the GUSD high schools. As part of Student Advisory Council, she helped organize the Middle School Leadership Conference, a day when students from all four GUSD middle schools visited Clark Magnet to learn about leadership and prepare to transition into high school.


    Yeremian’s hard work and commitment were evident to Clark Magnet math teacher and senior class co-advisor, Amir Ghavam. Yeremian was in Ghavam’s honors math classes for two years. During that time, Ghavam quickly learned that his student had potential to lead.


    “Sofia is extremely disciplined, dedicated, and organized,” Ghavam said, adding that Yeremian’s self-discipline allowed her to handle both her academics and whatever else she was doing on the side. 


    “She was very active with all the positions she held, and she would do things to get them done even if it wasn’t her responsibility,” he said. 


    Yeremian started school at UCLA this fall and is majoring in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. She wants to pursue a career in the medical field.


    I have grown tremendously over the years as a person, and I believe my last four years in high school were the years when I truly discovered myself, my capabilities, and my determination to reach my goals no matter what steps in the way,” Yeremian said. “The opportunities available to me through my school community have prepared me for what lies ahead at UCLA, as well as in the future.”

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