7th-8th Intro to Culinary Arts

    Instructor: Mrs. Christina Orris

    Texts: -Food, Nutrition, & Wellness; Discovering Food and Nutrition


    Course Description: This one semester course is designed to teach students how to be good consumers by exploring various aspects of foods and nutrition.   Our course of study will include the use of a lab notebook to reinforce reading, writing, mathematics and organizational skills. Our main areas of study will include:


    • Kitchen safety and accident prevention
    • Food safety, sanitation and hygiene
    • Kitchen and cooking terminology
    • Proper use of kitchen appliances, equipment, and tools
    • Reading, understanding and following recipes
    • Proper measuring of ingredients
    • Basic food preparation skills
    • Planning and preparing a balanced meal
    • Table setting and etiquette
    • Nutrition and wellness
    • Careers in the food industry
    • Collaboration and teamwork


    A recommended supply for this class is a one-inch three ring binder.  Items from the Wish List on my teacher web page on the school website and monetary donations are also appreciated.  Providing these items is voluntary, and donations are not connected to a student’s grade. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  Thank you for your support.




    Christina Orris


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