Employment Resources





    Getting to your Ideal Career in 6 Ways by Judi Garcia

    • Find at least 6 entry level job postings – from college job board or job fair, online listings,

             target companies, friends and referrals, and active networking

    • Meet with their high school or college career center staff for ideas, advice and resources
    • Set up informational interviews with 3 people who work in the field – meet in person, online

             or by phone, whatever is convenient

    • Create a focused resume, and highlight any relevant skills, coursework and projects at the top
    • Create a LinkedIn profile with their ideal career goals in the Banner section, with relevant skills,

             coursework, experience and special projects in the Summary section below

    • Find professional associations or meetups, and attend an upcoming event to learn about the

             career field and make new connections.

Student Employment Opportunities

Graduated Student Employment