Classroom Information

  • Recommended School Supply List: Room 1217 


    This Notebook will be used all year for English class only.  This Notebook also has plastic or paper pocket-dividers which you will use for handouts and assignments.

    **Please do not bring a 3-ring Binder for use in Mrs. Hall's English class.  Thank you.

    A pencil pouch or small container to hold supplies.

    pencils, regular or mechanical.  (I do not have lead).

    Pens, black and blue

    Red correctings pens

    White out correction tape (NO liquid white out is allowed at Toll)

    Colored pencils or washable markers (NO permanent markers in Mrs. Hall's room)

    A set of highlighters: You will need 3-4 different colors for text-marking.

    College ruled notebook paper

    Glue stick to use for yur English Notebook.

    A paperback pocket-sized dictionary to fit in your backpack (cost is $.99 at the  $.99 Cent Store or Dollar Store).  You may also find them at Target, Staples, or Office Depot.  **We use them every day!!

    1 box of tissues for the classroom (You all use them :) 

    Wish List for our Classroom:

    Lysol or Clorox wipes for our tables.

    Paper towels for water spills.

    Post-it notes for making notes on informational text or literature.

    Good quality #2 pencils (Ticonderoga is the best )

    Bring your supplies as soon as possible.           Due date is Tues, August 28, 2018

    Mrs. Fonda Hall