• Missing Assignment / Make-up / Absence Policy


         Students are expected to complete and turn in all work on the date assigned for full credit.  Any work deemed “incomplete” according to the teacher will be given half-credit.  Any work that is missing or is determined to be inadequate will be treated as a zero for grading purposes.  This includes any work without a name written, in which it is the student’s responsibility to find his/her assignment in the no-name drawer and re-submit to the teacher.  If a student is unsure whether he / she is missing an assignment, it will be his/her responsibility to check online using Student Portal.


         Students also accept full responsibility for catching up on lessons and making up all assignments missed due to absences.  Lessons missed due to absences will not be retaught, but students but will be given a reasonable amount of time to make the work up for full credit.


         Late assignments may be turned in for partial credit anytime before the end of each semester.  In addition, certain assignments such as homework, tests, and non-reading quizzes may be corrected and resubmitted to regain deducted points. Once the semester ends and grades are due for submission, no more make up work will be accepted for that semester.


         Exceptions (dropped scores) may be made for serious illnesses and also for special assignments which cannot be made up such as in-class group assignments, video notes, and science labs.  This will be at the teacher’s discretion.


         No assignments, test, quizzes, or final exams will be given ahead of time to accommodate for “planned” or unexcused absences.  This includes, but isn’t limited to: planned medical / dental appointments, family events, and vacations while school is in session.  Students are welcome to make up the assignments the day they return, as long as the semester has not passed.