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    The Social Sciences offer students the opportunity to learn about the world and their place in it, think critically, read, write, and communicate clearly. History, civics and government, geography, and economics are integral to the mission of preparing our students for college, careers, and civic life. These disciplines develop students’ understanding of the physical world, encourage their participation in our democratic system of government, teach them about our past, inform their financial choices, and improve their ability to make reasoned decisions based upon evidence. Moreover, these disciplines play a vital role in the development of student literacy because of a shared emphasis on text, argumentation, and use of evidence.
    It is the obligation of the Glendale Unified School District to provide all students with an engaging and relevant history–social science education that will shape how they participate in their world.  In order to be successful in most content areas, students must develop essential reading, writing, and analysis skills.  Studying disciplines like history and the related social sciences requires students to employ complex vocabulary, understand discipline-specific patterns of language, and exercise analytical thinking skills. 
    The list of links on the right will provide parents and students across the Glendale Unified School District with resources to help them to understand the vital role that Social Sciences Content has in promoting and supporting the development of Inquiry, Literacy, and Citizenship for each and every student.

Genocide Education

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    Genocide Education







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