Team Handball

  • Team Handball


    Game Play:

    1. An official game is played six on six, with each team also having a goalie.  In class, we will typically play three on three or four on four.  We play with less players since our courts are smaller and this allows for more space to move.
    2. The ball is leather, however the ones we play with are rubber, very soft, and able to bounce very high.
    3. The game is played with 2, 30 minute halves. In class, we will play 8-10 minute games before rotating.
    4. Once a goal is scored the goalie immediately pulls the ball out of the goal and can continue play. The play is not stopped. 


    General Rules:

    1. Passive play – It is illegal to keep the ball without making an attempt to score.  You are not allowed to stall.
    2. Scoring – A goal is scored when the entire ball crosses the goal line.
    3. A player is allowed to run with the ball for three steps without dribbling.
    4. A player is allowed to hold onto the ball for three dribbles.
    5. A player is not allowed to push or endanger another player.
    6. You may not pull, hit, or punch the ball out of the hands of the opponent.
    7. You may steal a dribble or pass from an opponent.
    8. You may not make contact below the knee, or trip an opponent.
    9. If you foul a player that is shooting or jumping into the Goalie Zone, the team is awarded a penalty throw.


    Goalie Zone/Crease

    1. This area is reserved for the goalie only.  Another player may not enter the zone.
    2. If a defensive player goes into the goalie zone, a penalty throw is awarded to the offense.
    3. If an offensive player goes into the goalie zone, it is a turnover.
    4. An offensive player may jump from outside the zone, but must shoot the ball before he/she lands inside the goalie zone.



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